The Athlete is the flagship gi in Scramble’s range of jiujitsu kimonos. This is our fifth iteration, and comes in three different varieties each with two colourways.

The latest model of the Athlete is the culmination of over a decade of experience in the jiujitsu industry, and far longer than that training and using jiujitsu gis. We offer three levels of Athlete kimono, each with a slightly different focus.

They are the Athlite, the Athlete, and the Athlete Pro.

The Athlite is a competition-focused gi, that means it has the minimum of design aspects to it and is made from lightweight but durable materials. Because of this we recommend keeping the Athlite for competition days – we do have plenty of customers who like to keep an Athlite as their daily go-to gi, but due to the lighter nature of the materials it will suffer wear and tear a little quicker.

The Athlete is our all-rounder, which is the ideal jiujitsu kimono for daily training and competing. With a carefully considered balance of weight, materials and aesthetics, the Athlete can perform in all areas of jiujitsu training – light enough to compete in, and durable enough to last years of daily training. The Athlete, just like the Athlite, is available in white or royal blue.

The Athlete Pro is out collectors edition model, where we have pulled out all of the stops to bring you a premium kimono. This means we have added design details throughout and spared no expense – the gi comes with a half mesh gi bad, embroidery on the back of both the kimono and the trousers, and all kinds of other hidden extras that you will enjoy discovering. The kanji on the Athlete pro represent the classic Japanese phrase “Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight” which we feel accurately represents the experience of trying to improve ourselves daily – not only in jiujitsu but in everyday life too.