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The Scramball

– Size 5, 420g to match Premiership regulation weight
– Thermally bonded PU Leather
– Moulded grooves for stability in flight
– All weather
– Can draw on a smiley face and give it a name if stranded on a desert island

We all know BJJ is the greatest sport in the world, closely followed by MMA, but here at Scramble, football takes a close fourth place after the ultimate frisbee. Not many people enjoy running, but chasing after a ball is way more fun. Dogs do it, now you can too! The world cup is coming (or has already happened depending on when you read this), and we are super pumped to see England get knocked out in the quarter finals (or we already have been, whatever). To celebrate, we have made a limited edition collectors item never to be seen again SCRAMBALL. Fill it with air, kick it, bounce it off walls, tickle its pump hole. the options are endless.

Each ball comes with a boot bag that can also be used as a gi bag, so you can dribble this bad boy all the way to the gym. Jokes aside, we’ve made this football to the highest possible standards, so if you genuinely want to use it at the park, for your Sunday league team, or to do keepy uppies on your own, you can rest assured you’ll be doing it with a high quality match ball.

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